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Broadband Problems

Image of a broadband problemsMost people take a broadband connection for granted, so it can be very frustrating when problems with it arise.  This could be such issues as a total loss of connection, an intermittent loss, a reduction in speed or poor wireless coverage.

Try this first

The first thing to try when encountering problems is to turn everything off, including your router, and then back on again.  It's surprising how often this will resolve the issue, but if it doesn't then give me a call.

Poor wireless coverage

There are many reasons why wireless coverage may be poor and these will be influenced greatly by the surroundings.  Luckily there are lots of options available to improve coverage, such as wireless repeaters, home-plugs and mesh systems.  Give me a call for advice.


Here are a few tips to help prevent issues for broadband connections via your telephone line:

- Leave your router turned on and connected all the time - don't turn it off when you are not using it.  If the telephone exchange detects a lost connection with the router because it is turned off it will assume that this is a fault and will reduce the speed of the connection to try to stabalise it.

- Ensure that all telephone equipment plugged in around the house is connected through an ADSL filter plug.

- If possible have your router plugged directly into your master telephone socket.

- Raise your wireless router above the floor - the higher it is the better the coverage should be. 

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