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Computer Repairs and Upgrades


Image of computer repairs and upgradesThe world of computing is ever-changing, with new software and applications being released regularly.  Windows updates, anti-virus program and other software updates seem to be a daily occurance.  Camera technology improves constantly with higher and higher picture resolutions becoming cheaper and cheaper, and entertainment is becoming more and more digital.

All this can sometimes cause your (top-of-the-range a couple of years ago) computer to begin to struggle.  The good news is that your PC or laptop can be upgraded to be able to keep up with the latest developments.

A system memory upgrade is relatively cheap and can have dramatic effects on the performance of a computer.

Likewise, adding an additional hard drive, or replacing an existing one with a larger capacity can make room for that rapidly expanding collection of photos, music and videos.

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ToolsSometimes things break or accidents happen.  Laptop keyboards can wear out, screens can  get cracked, power supplies can burn out etc.

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