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Data Recovery

Image of a hard disk having data recoveredPrecious data can sometimes get lost.  It can be accidently deleted, the PC that it is saved on won't boot, or a hard drive or memory stick can get corrupted.

Don't panic - there is a good chance that the data can still be recovered.

If you have accidently deleted your data and it is no longer in the recycle bin it is important that you stop using that device immediately or the deleted data my be overwritten.  This would greatly reduce the chance of, or prevent completely, the data being recovered.

For more advice call me.

Of course prevention is better than cure so always make sure that you regularly back up any files that you don't want to lose.  Call me for more advice on backing up your data.


Image showing computer servicing


Image asking when you did your last backup.

Memory Upgrade

Image showing memory upgrade options


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