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Software Development Case Studies

Case Study 1

Image of some software developed by Knightwood Computer ServicesA food production company based in Clayworth, and supplying a household name in food manufacturing contacted me for help with creating a database of quantitative and qualitative data regarding their product, to supply valuable management information.

Although this data is received electronically, it is in three different formats; namely text files, Excel spreadsheet files and PDF files.  Information regarding each batch of product is split between each file type, and each file contains multiple batch information.  Pulling this batch information together and entering it into a database manually would have been an incredibly time consuming, tedious and error-prone task.

The solution was to create an application able to open each file type, extract the relevant batch information and enter this information into the appropriate record in the database, creating that record if necessary.

Case Study 2

Image of some invoicing software developed by Knightwood Computer ServicesA business that hires out industrial equipment and is based near Haxey approached me to help them automate their invoicing procedure, which was a time-consuming monthly occurance, and involved manually producing and printing hundreds of invoices.  Many of the hires were long-term and their invoice would change only slightly from month to month. 

The solution was to delvelop an application containing a database of client details, a database of equipment for hire and a database of invoices.  A new invoice can be produced quickly from existing information in the system and once saved it can be accessed the following month to be used as a template to produce that month's invoice, thus reducing the process to afew clicks.  The system can also be used to track the payment of invoices and the generation of statements.

Since the rise in postal costs the application has been updated to enable invoices and statements to be emailed directly to the hiree as well as being printed out for delivery by post.

Case Study 3
football scarves designer 9Teritex Sportswear manufacture custom designed football and concert scarves etc. for the wholesale market.  To increase customer engagement it was decided that an online scarf designer facility should be added to the website.  The designer allows the customer to select a background pattern from a large range of options (e.g. bars, stripes, checks etc) and further customise the background by selecting from a range of colour options.  The customer then the the ability to add up to three lines of text, and upload some graphics for inclusion.  Finally the customer can choose a fringe colour.  The completed design can then be submitted to Teritex's design team for a quote.
The online scarf designer has proved so popular that an online hat designer has also been created.  
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