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Virus Removal

Image of a shield representing protection against computer virusesAlthough the more recent versions of Microsoft Windows have been designed with security in mind, the threat from hackers, computer viruses, worms, trojans, spyware and other malware is still present.

There are many excellent computer security applications on the market, with some even being available for free.  However, no one security product available is 100% effective against all threats and should be considered as only one part of your protection against computer-borne threats.

Another step you need to take to protect yourself is to ensure that you keep your copy of Windows up-to-date.  The easiest way to ensure this is to enable Windows' Automatic Updates feature.

Also: -

  • Only visit websites that you trust and be particularly cautious if downloading files. 
  • Never open email attachments that your are not absolutely sure are safe.
  • Never divulge your passwords, don't use one password for everything, use strong passwords and change your passwords regularly.

If you suspect that you have a virus or other security related issue then please get in touch for further advice and to discuss removal options.

Remember - prevention is better than cure - my Computer Service includes a security audit which includes advice on security issues and scanning your PC for malware with a product other than what is already installed on it to detect any threats which may have slipped through.


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Memory Upgrade

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